Cannabis Market Insights for New Standard

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Flower and Edibles

The cannabis market in Michigan continues to grow, presenting exciting opportunities for New Standard. As one of the state’s premier dispensaries, here are some key market developments and potential areas for expansion:


  • Increasing demand for premium, terpene-rich flower strains
  • Opportunity to showcase unique, locally-grown craft cannabis
  • Potential for specialized product lines (e.g., autoflowering varieties)


  • Growing interest in low-dose, microdosed edibles
  • Expansion of innovative product lines (e.g., cannabis-infused beverages, gummies)
  • Collaboration with local bakers and confectioners for artisanal offerings

Ancillary Products and Services

  • Offering educational resources and tutorials for cannabis enthusiasts
  • Hosting curated events and experiences (e.g., yoga sessions, cooking classes)
  • Developing a robust online presence and e-commerce platform

By staying ahead of market trends and exploring new product lines and services, New Standard can solidify its position as a leading cannabis dispensary in Michigan.