The High Points of Altius Dispensary

Welcome to the procrastinators dream, the creative’s muse, and the thrill-seeker’s sanctuary – Altius Dispensary. We’re your friendly neighborhood store dealing in recreational weed right here in Round Lake, IL. You won’t find a more relaxed or uplifting spot in town. Oh, by the way, people looking for Altius, look no further! The only thing higher than our name is our quality products.

‘High’ Quality and Variety

At Altius, we believe in living life above ordinary levels. Our diverse menu of cannabis products offers something for everyone, from the mellow, chilled-out smoker to the energetic, adventurous tokers. Whether you like it rolled, baked, or vaped, Altius Dispensary invites you to dive headlong into a cloud of enjoyment.

Spirit of Round Lake, IL

We’ve rooted ourselves in the spirit of Round Lake. Not just by offering recreational weed, but by being an active part of our community. So stroll on down to our store and prepare to get elevated. We’d love to take that leap with you. Altius Dispensary, taking you to newer, greater heights of relaxation, entertainment and overall highness. Smile, you’re only a toke away from a good mood.