The New Standard Saugatuck: Humor and High Standards Hand in Hand

Welcome to New Standard Saugatuck, where we redefine standards – that’s right! Our team has found the secret recipe for making Serious Business a Fun Break. New Standard Saugatuck believes in the magic of laughter and how it can turn around any gloomy day, corporate conference, or even tedious tax auditing!

Standard? More Like Standout!

If boring standards were a river, we’d be the Saugatuck River, twisting and turning – always on the move. Hey, we might even throw in a cheeky joke or two about standards (you know how the saying goes, right? Standards are like teenagers, you have to constantly remind them they’re not the center of the universe!).

At New Standard Saugatuck, the only thing we take seriously is not taking ourselves too seriously! Ready for a new standard of fun in Saugatuck? Then give us a ring. We promise your call won’t be “just another standard day at the office” but a fun-filled adventure.

Let us redefine your standards and bring a splash of fun to your world. Contact New Standard Saugatuck, where we’re standardly extraordinary!