The Roll-Up Fun at Uncle Ike’s Central District

Setting foot in Seattle, WA without visiting Uncle Ike’s Central District is like a baker not kneading dough. Impossible! Billed as the Mecca of merriment, this place will have you chuckling like a hyena on Christmas. You’d be remiss to skip out on a chance to grab some goodies at Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop.

Straight from Seattle’s Heart

Tucked cozily between Seattle and Mercer Island, Ike’s isn’t just a store; it’s a vibe, a lifestyle. Looking for a fun filled day or an evening of laughter and lightness? Uncle Ike’s ‘magical’ store competes for your giggles and guffaws, adding a sprinkle of joy to your life. From the friendly customer service down to the eclectic atmosphere in every aisle, there’s no doubt that Uncle Ike’s delivers a unique Seattle experience.

All in Good Fun

In the heart of the city, Uncle Ike’s is on a mission to provide outstanding value, selection, and laughter wrapped in a package of good old Seattle charm. So roll on down to Uncle Ike’s Central District and leave no funny bone unturned.